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Airbus Boeing subsidies from the WTO
Boeing 737 Max failure
Dreamliner problems
Deadly assumptions (737 Max)
Failure of the A380 and Hub and Spoke system

Airbus vs Boeing pdf DR
Airbus links
Argentina The Take. Occupy, resist, produce! (Naomi Klein) Argentina's past: Peronism, revolution and counter-revolution (In Defence of Marxism)

MoveOn (democracy in action. USA)
The Institute of International and European Affairs
Grist - Politics
Brexit Brexit explained (Politico)
The Impact of Brexit (Arte) In French with English subtitles
The Brexit Effect. (Financial Times. 28m)
Legal and Procedural Issues (European Parliament)
Customs Union and Internal Market (European Parliament)

Citizens rights (European Parliament)
Financial Services (European Parliament)
Budget EU budget European Commission (90s)
The EU budget as a waste of taxpayers' money (EFD)
Financial Programming and budget - 15 videos (European Commission)

EU budget 2012

EU Budget. Money in, money out (The Guardian)
EU expenditure and revenue
French budget
Greek budget
UK budget
German budget

Capitalism The Shock Doctrine interview with Naomi Klein. The rise and origins of neo-capitalism
Occupy Wall Street. The history and survival of the Occupy Wall Street protest and movement
Banana Land (71m)
A Christmas Carol (16m)
The War at Home (1h45) Society. US labour and unions versus capitalism
Martin Luther King. A Time to Break Silence. (56m recording). American rhetoric.

- Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine (The rise and origins of neo-liberalism)
- Modern Times. Charlie Chaplain
- Metropolis, Fritz Lang
- Bananas at any Cost
- The Corporation, Mark Achbar
- Capitalism, a Love Story, Michael Moore
- John Pilger, The New Rulers of the World
- Joseph Stiglitz, Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy
- Ha-Joon Chang, 23 things they don't tell you about capitalism
- Ha-Joon Chang. Bad Samaritans
- Ha-Joon Chang. Kicking away the ladder. Development strategy in historical perspective
- Peter Chapman. Jungle Capitalists

Corporate Europe Observatory. Exposing the power of corporate lobbying in the EU
The Great Challenge: China, Russia a geopolitical analysis of world power and energy strategy
Death by China. US-China trade 1h20
EU tariffs on Chinese steel CCTV 1m
US versus China. (ArteTV. 12m) In French with English subtitles.
- The China Price The true cost of Chinese competitive advantage
Where is China Going: back to the planned economy or strengthening capîtalism? (
Common Agricultural Policy and agriculture
Brief Guide to the CAP
CAP reform (BBC Country File)
The Meatrix  I (corporate control of agriculture)
The Meatrix II
Black Gold - 4m trailer / interview. The economics of the coffee business.
Chicken Madness. 30m. The chicken industry and effects on Cameroon
We Feed the World - 8m extracts from the film. In Dutch with English subtitles. World food security
Industrial chicken farming in Germany
German Pork Production
US Corn subsidies
US agricultural subsidies
Increasing food prices following Ukraine conflict  (Mercola)

- Tim Lang and Michael Haesman, Food Wars. The Global Battle for Mouths, Minds and Markets.
- Julian Cribb, The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and what we can do to Avoid it.

- Philip Lymbery, Farmageddon - the true cost of cheap meat
Cereals trading charts (
The Common Agricultaure Policy (pdf. D. Rees)
EU Farm subsidy - who gets what and why - (
US food subsidies and corn use (

World food security (pdf. D. Rees)
CAP 2013 guide (Group CAP 2013)
CAP guide EU Commission
Meeting the challenges of WTO and CAP reform (Irish Farmers' Asociation)
Live animal transport time  (EU Parliament)
Green Gold: Biofuels (Energy Post)

Commerce and Trade United we Fall - 2h. Criticism of NAFTA, the Amero and the WTO.
ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) (VPRO Backlight) 50m.
EU tariffs on Chinese steel CCTV 1m
Free Trade. A Game of no Rules (DW. 42m)

- Charles Derber. People before Profit
EU trade (DG Trade)
EU Trade policy
European Commission DG Trade
EU Free-trade agreements
EU-Canada Free-Trade deal (The Globe and Mail)
Opposition to the WTO
EU Trade Policy
EU TTIP negotiations (EC)
TTIP The debate (Euranet 23m)
TTIP film (IBT Partners)
Dangers of TTIP (RAWW)
Criticism of TTIP (War on Want. 47m)
EU Mercosur negotiations (EC)
Economic International Law and Policy Blog (World Trade Law.Net)


Mondragon (pdf)
Copyright PicRights. Copyright Trolling
Covid 19 17 Covid skeptic memes The Guardian
A few thoughts on a post-covid European Union (DR. Youtube)
Anthony Fauci trailer 6m
Anthony Fauci. Full film. R.F. Kennedy
Safe and Effective. 55m. Oracle Films
The Great Plague. 1h20
Deaths from Covid vaccine Dr Mercola
Covid data (Our World in Data)
German mortality data (Eugyppius)
A few thoughts on a post-Covid 19 European Union. DR. pdf.
French Covid-19-related debt (pdf DR)
Crashes and Crises
Tulipomania (extract from...)
Gordon Gekko - Greed is Good (Daily Motion)
Gordon Gekko - "Greed is Not Good"

The Wall Street Code 50m. High-speed trading
Floored. Chicago trading - from the bear pit to computers
US Debt crisis explained YouTube 5m film
European debt (humour)
The Black Death and its consequences (In Defence of Marxism)
Speculation in Onions
The Spanish Flu (43m. DW)

Economic crises and speculation (David Rees)
A fighting chance (TARP, Frank-Dodd..) (David Rees)
2010 Flash Crash

Crashes - 1929 Wall Steet Crash
Lend-lease program (WWII) (FastrackHistory)
The Crash of 1929 ( 53m
The Crash of 1929 PBS. 52m.

The 1929 Wall Street Crash (David Rees)
The NewDeal (David Rees)
The New Deal student presentation 2017
Crashes - 2008 Subprimes crash
The Big Short. 'Jenga Clip'. Paramount. 3m40
The Big Short. Florida investigation. Extractor. 7m20

Michael Veseth, Globaloney 2.0; the Crash of 2008 and the Future of Globalization
Elizabeth Warren. A Fighting Chance. Explains her role in TARP, the creation of the Dodd-Frank act and bank lobbying in Washington.

Crises - EU debt crisis
Debtocracy (the causes and solutions of national debt)
Eurobonds (explainitychannel)
Greece, a crisis born of neoliberal madness (the Real News)
Buy Buy Europe - Austerity to the grave (Docwerkers)
Yanis Varoufakis. What's wrong in Europe today (19m)

Greek Crisis (MEPs)
European Debt Crisis (David Rees)
The European Debt Crisis - possible solutions (David Rees)
Data sources
European data (European University Institute)
EU public data
Eurobarometer (portal for EU data)
Gapminder (world charts, videos, animated statistics)
Index Mundi Country statistics and charts

CIA World Factbook
Global Issues
Trading Economics Indicators
Eurostat European statistics from the European Commission
IMF Data
World Bank data base
United Nations data
Life expectancy
Global Burden of Disease
Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project
Our World in Data

Debt See also - Crises. EU debt crisis
Debt Humour
Debt Clock (
World debt
Japanese debt
Inflation and national debt IR
Sovereign debt defaults
Debt and Politics (in French)
Defence and International Relations War in Syria
Increase in terrorism since 'war on terror' Press TV (7m)
Understanding ISIS and the US war on terror C-Span (58m)

Terrorism and history. You sow what you reap.pdf
DiEM25 Yanis Varoufakis. What's wrong in Europe today (19m)
Documentaries and news
viEUws is a web-based medium covering EU news and affairs through high quality video interviews and debates with top-level EU decision-makers and stakeholders.
UACES - The Academic Association of European Studies - Ideas on Europe blog
Documentary films online from topdocumentaryfilms
Documentary films online from documentaryheaven
Documentary films online from sprword
Documentary films online and for purchase from dogwoof
Documentary films online from YouTube
Documentary films online from EUTube
EU Commission video archives

EU Commission. Audiovisual services
MAVISE database (data base of TV channels in the EU)
EU Parliament TV.
Ted Talks
Energy and the Environment EU Energy Policy (Van Rompuy)
Arctic energy race

Sea the Truth - 60m Overfishing and marine sustainability
The End of the Line 2m trailer. Where have all the fish gone?
The vanishing of the bees. 2m trailer. The economic consequences of losing bees.
A Crude Awakening. 1h23. The Oil Crash.
The Great Challenge: Oil 47m. Press TV.
Frack them all! The dangers of fracking from Russia Today
Oil and Water (75m)
North Stream 2 (Arte TV. 5m) In French with English subtitles.
Alternatives to Russian Oil (Arte TV. 3m) In French with English subtitles.
Energy for all. (Arte TV. 52m). In French with English subtitles.
Embargo on Russian gas. Arte TV. 3m) In French with English subtitles.

Biofuels factsheet (UK govt)
Biofuels vs Food Production (Vienna University)

Clean Energy (EU Commission)
European Energy Policy (International Hellenic University)
Green Gold: Biofuels (Energy Post)
Grist on Energy and Environment
EU Energy (pdf. D. Rees)

Arctic map (gif)

Oil and gas lines (gif)
Climate Action (European Commission)
Energy effiiciency (European Commission)
EU energy trends 2030 (DG Energy)
EU Energy Key Figures (European Commission pdf)
Nuclear energy. (Student presentation 2014)
Energy efficiency (Student presentation 2014)
Geothermal energy
(Student presentation 2014)
Wind energy
(Student presentation 2014)
Hydroelectric power
(Student presentation 2014)
Oil security
(Student presentation 2014)
Gas security
(Student presentation 2014)
Greenhouse gas emmissions
(Student presentation 2014)
Solar Power
(Student presentation 2014)
Des chiffres et des lettres (DR - tax energetique - français)
Enlargement and history of the EU
A brief history of EU enlargement (film from The Economist)
European Enlargement (film from the IIEA)

A history of empires (from 3000BC)

Copenhagen criteria (web page)
EU membership and partners
EU European Neighbourhood Policy states (picture)
EU European Neighbourhood states (picture)
Supranational European bodies (picture)
Supranational European bodies (pdf list)

Turkey and the EU (pdf DR)

Ukraine (ViEUws)
French vetoes on enlargement (ViEUws)
Euro Eurobonds (explainitychannel)
The Euro has never been more problematic. Yanis Varoufakis at Oxford University. 55m

Niall Ferguson, The Ascent of Money From Bretton Woods to the Euro (pdf DR)
Euro Convergence Criteria
Maastricht Criteria

Convergence criteria (ECB)
Currency conversion
Solving Europe. Student euro presentation
Macro revision
Macro revision answers

European Commission

EU Commission A to Z links
EU opinions from Eurobarometer
EU information from Europa

European Commission audiovisual services (video database)
Legal infringements by EU countries (Commission)
Annual review of infringments (Commission)
Euroscepticism Euroscepticism (EU Commission)
Nigel Farage (UKIP. The Telegraph)

Eurobarometer (European Commission)
The UK and Europe (David Rees)

Euroscepticism - France (students)
Euroscepticism - Germany (students)
Euroscepticism - Greece (students)
Euroscepticism - Italy (students)
Euroscepticism - Netherlands (students)
Euroscepticism - Turkey (students)
Fiscal policy (taxation)
Tax the Rich (California Federation of Teachers)
The Tax-Free tour. How big corporations avoid paying taxes

Is our tax system fair? (3m) from MoveOn org (democracy in action)
EU Commission attacks corporate tax avoidance
Tax avoidance (Inside Story) 25m
Tax havens - the great scam 4m
Major banks help clients hide trillions in offshore tax havens The Real News 14m
Tax me if you can. BBC Panorama 10m
How to dodge tax Part 1. BBC Panorama. 15m
How to dodge tax Part 2. BBC Panorama. 15m
VAT scam. Channel 4. 7m
Alcohol cost in Australia ABC News 4m
UK Alcohol tax revenue (£10bn)
Cost to NHS of alcohol (£2.7bn)

Where US taxes go (Moyers & Co)
French fiscal inputs and outputs (in French)
Corporate Tax Haven Index (tax justice network)
Financial Secrecy Index (tax justice network)

Taxodus.Online game to avoid paying taxes
EU Commission on Corporation tax
France Privatisation des autoroutes (in French) 13m. Insoumise - Contra-budget 2017 Carburants (in French)
Galileo project

Germany The rise of food banks in Germany
The German Miracle? David Rees
German Minimum Wage and Employment. David Rees
Globalisation. The haves and the have nots. Journeyman TV. 10m
200 countries, 200 years. BBC. 5m
- Lori Wallach & Michael Sforza, The WTO. Five years of Reasons to Resist Corporate Globalization
- Michael Veseth, Globaloney 2.0; the Crash of 2008 and the Future of Globalization

- Arundhati Roy, Power Politics of Globalisation
- Globalization and Marxist Theory
- Jeremy Fox, Chomsky and Globalization
- Dave Renton. Marx on Globailization
- Joseph Stiglitz, Globalization and its Discontents
- Joseph Stiglitz, Making Globalization Work
- Michael Veseth. Globaloney 2.0.
- Walden Bello. Deglobalization. Ideas for a new world economy.
The Levin Institute. Globalization studies
Tellus Institute Research and action for a global civilization of sustainability, equity and well-being.
Greece The Greek Depression 27m Documentary Channel
The Greek Resistance 47m Aljazeera.
Greek-German relations and the Greek debt crisis 10 years on
Greece, a crisis born of neoliberal madness (the Real News)
Greek 10-year Bonds
Stiglitz on a Grexit
The Greek Resistance 47m Aljazeera. Greek-German relations and the Greek debt crisis 10 years on
Yanis Varoufakis. What's wrong in Europe today (19m)
The undemocratic Eurogroup (Transparency International)
Greek Crisis (MEPs)
European Debt Crisis (David Rees)
The European Debt Crisis - possible solutions (David Rees)
Immigration Immigrants and Emigrants
Non-nationals in the EU
Mediterranean migration flows
Asylum Seekers
Dublin Agreement
Schengen and migration
- John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman (IMF)
- John Perkins, The Secret History of the American Empire (IMF)
- Kevin Danaher, 10 reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Bank

Israel Israel's Secret Weapon (BBC 60m)
Post-war Japanese central banking

Keynes, John-Maynard Videos
Hayek vs Keynes. 12m.
Hayek - Keynes rap. 8m
Hayek - Keynes rap - text.
Masters of Money - John Maynard Keynes (BBC 60m)

C-Span. The Battle of Bretton Woods. 1h40
John Maynard Keynes Books
Keynes - the return of the master. Robert Skidelsky
The Economic Consequences of the Peace. John Maynard Keynes
The Battle of Bretton Woods. Benn Steil
The Keynes Solution. The Path to Economic Prosperity. Paul Davidson
The Summit. Bretton Woods 1944. J.M. Keynes and the Reshaping of the Global Economy. Ed Conway.

The Means to Prosperity. John Maynard Keynes. 1933

Keynes - The Intellectual Pragmatist David Rees
Keynes - the Intellectual Pragmatist. References. David Rees
Reforming the World's International Money. Paul Davidson

Keynes on National Self Sufficiency. Yale Review
Keynes on Protectionism. Douglas Irwin
The Keynesian Revolution. Success or Failure? from Return of the Master. Robert Skidelsky.
Unfinished notes on Keynes and neo-liberalism. David Rees
We Can Conquer Unemployment. Lloyd George.

The future of globalisation. Michael Veseth

Keynes - an introduction. DR pdf
Bretton Woods - student presentation
The Bretton Woods Conference ESSCA student Sophie Chisholm
Keynes - an Introduction David Rees

Keynes, the Bancor and the ICU. DR pdf

Lobbying Billy wants a dog (Hill & Knowlton)
Corporate lobbying (is4 profit)

Lobbyists (US) (Illustrated Essays)
What does a lobbyist do? (Germany)
Senator Warren on Citigroup lobbying and power in Washington
Lobbying in US politics Russel Brand
Tobacco advertisements. Tim Romano.
Doctors smoking. Graficsfx.
Student Case Studies 2019
Sanofi (pptx)
Facebook (pdf)
Google (pdf)
Wikimedia (pptx)
Oxfam (pdf)
Scania (pdf)
Danone (pdf)
Tesla (pdf)
Student case studies 2020
Nestlé 1
Nestlé 2
Total 1
Total 2
Association of Financial Markets
Philip Morris 1
Philip Morris 2

Book (in French) on lobbying in France and the EU 'Du lobbying au e-lobbying''

Lobbying Transparency Register (European Commission)
Lobbying: US 'Dirty 30'

Lobbying presentation (pdf)
Consulting companies in Brussels (Consulting Forum)
Lobbyfacts (data on EU lobbying)
Open Secrets (useful to find which consultancy agenencies are supporting which companies)
EU Commission Toolbox
Example of lobbying process / questions DG Trade
Anti-Monsanto lobbying
Monsanto watch list

Economic indicators from Trading Economics
Marx, Karl and Neo-structuralism Videos
Life of Karl Marx (Daily Motion) (1h)
Crises of Capitalism. David Harvey
British Empire and the Industrial Revolution (7m)
British Industrial Revolution
Allende's final speech

In Defence of Marxism. Videos, Articles, Books, Research
Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey
Not business as usual 60m. Alternative corporate structures and responsibility
David Harvey on Marx's Capital and the urban origins of crisis
The bloody history of communism (128m)
Intellectual hegemony: JFK to 9/11 Everything is a rich man's trick. 3h30.
Intellectual hegemony. 9/11 - an inside job. List of films from Topdocumentary films.
How Capitalism is killing itself. Storylime. 36m.
Why we are Marxists (In Defence of Marxism)
The Commons - see the equivalent in the USA. Public Trust
(see 'Capitalism' as well)
Karl Marx  Books
Marx's Ghost. Midnight conversations on changing the world. Charles Derber
Zombie Capitalism - global crisis and the relevance of Marx. Chris Harman
Communism in the 21st Century (download) Shannon Brincat (Ed)
Marx and the alternative to Capitalism. Kieran Allen

Internet magazine and Paper Magazine (in French)
Révolution. Tendance Marxiste

The Communist Manifesto. Engels and Marx
Communist Profession of Faith. Engels and Marx
A Socialist Alternative to the European Union. Alan Woods
Condition of the Working Class in England. Friedrich Engels.
The Theory of Alienation. Paul Prew
Historical Structuralist Perspective. Global Political Economty Ch. 5. Theodore Kohn.
The Labour Theory of Value. Donald Ernsberger
NeoCapitalism. An Introduction to Marxist Theory Ch. 3. Ernest Mendel
The Inexorable System of Karl Marx. The Wordly Philosophers. Robert Heilbroner
Marx, Lenin and the Structuralist Perspective
Was Marx Right after all? (based on Der Speigel). In Defence of Marxism

The Political Compass. Test your political leanings
The Lyon Silk Workers' uprisings of 1831 and 1834 (In Defence of Marxism)
Marx's Ghost (notes from the book). David Rees
Communismin Latin America. ESSCA student presentation.

Crises and Capitalist Development. Bonn Juego
Marx, Freire and education David Rees
Cultural hegemony - media and mind control ESSCA student Cristiana Drumond.
Cultural Hegemony. ESSCA student Clémence Lebeau
The Death of Neoliberalism. ESSCA student presentation.
Working Conditions in the UK during the Industrial Revolution. ESSCA student presentation
Marx and Technology. ESSCA student Amy Peat.
Marx and Military Control ESSCA student presentation.
Economic Theory - concluding remarks. David Rees
The Overthrowing of Salvadore Allende. ESSCA student Patricia Carrillo

Theoretical perspectives - the case of hunger. David Rees

Zapatista uprising and NAFTA (Real News)
Mexico, NAFTA's biggest lie (Real News)
NAFTA and US farm subsidies devastate Mexican agriculture (Real News)


10 Answers to the European Economic Crisis (European Commission)
EU Parliament TV.

Left-wing / right-wing (Diffen)
Donald Trump vs  Bernie Sanders (Diffen)
Capitalism vs Socialism (Diffen)
The Great Challenge: China, Russia a geopolitical analysis of world power and energy strategy

Single Market The Single Market is 20 years old (European Commission)

Belgium protests over low German low pay in EU complaint (pdf FEBEU)
EU minimum salaries 2013 (picture)
French minister slams Germany's 'unfair' wages (The Local)
Member states split over cross-border workforces (pdf European Voice)

The Single Market (pdf DR based on the two films*)

Social Progress  Social Progress Index
South America
Anatomy of a coup - 51m the US-sponsored coup against Chaves and Venezuela

Speculation and trading
High Speed Trading (CNN Money)
The Wall Street Code. How computers and algorithms are doing the trading
Tulipomania (extract from...)

Turkey Ottoman empire part 1
Ottoman empire part 2
Ottoman empire part 3
Armenian genocide (aghet.
Membership of EEA
Turkey's Food Crisis. (Arte TV. 32m)

Turkey and the EU (pdf DR)
Euroscepticism - Turkey (students)
Volkswagen in Turkey
Ukraine Language Wars. Arte TV. 10m. In French with English subtitles.
Targets in War. Arte TV. 3m) In French with English subtitles.
Noam Chomsky on the Russia / Ukraine conflict.  Lex Fridman.
The Ukranian War: an internationalist class position. In Defence of Marxism
Ukraine conflict. (pdf DR)
Neighbourhood agreement
Ukraine Orange Revolution
Ukraine language map
Ukraine gas / oil map
EU gas imports
EU oil imports
Effect of EU sanctions on Russia
Effects on France of sanctions against Russia
Military forces

DG Trade (European Commission) Policy (Countries and regions)
EU Sanctions on Russia
United Kingdom History of the British Empire (HH TV)
The EU with a UK (Brexit). 80s. ViEUws
David Cameron on the EU (Nov. 2015)
Seven alternatives following a Brexit (centre for European Reform)
Cost of EU / EEA membership (Paul Reynolds Blog)
Brexit - UK government
Why we lost the Brexit Vote - Politico
Fall of the British Empire (in 5 parts)
Brexit solutions (FT)
The peasants' revolt (Timeline. 53m)
UK Political Ideology (Led by Donkeys. 8m)
UK connections with Russia (Led by Donkeys. 10m)

UK Party Manifestos
Green Party Manifesto (UK)
Socialist Party Manifesto (UK)
Conservative Party Manifesto (UK)
Liberal Democrat Party Manifesto (UK)

Left-wing policies of Jeremy Corbyn (BBC News)
What does Jeremy Corbyn Think? (The Guardian)
What does Jeremy Corbyn stand for? (The Telegraph)
Thatcher's economic policies (
Legalize Democracy 30m Lack of democracy in the USA
Lawrence Lessig - Political reform
The Great Challenge: China, Russia a geopolitical analysis of world power and energy strategy
Political funding
Clinton on Trump
Plutocracy I. Political Repression in the USA. 110m
Plutocracy II. Solidarity forever. 111m
Plutocracy III. Class War. 116m
Democrats and Republicans over time 1m.
The Federal Reserve. 90m. The Corbett Report
FDR and Pearl Harbor ( 45m
The New American Century (false flags) ( 94m
Calling out Bravo 7 (9/11 conspiracy) (Firefighters for 9/11 Truth) (1h40m)
Iran and America through History ( 220m in 5 parts)
Lobbying in US politics Russel Brand
US democracy. Sirota and Perez
The War at Home (1h45) Society. US labour and unions versus capitalism
Vietnam. American holocaust (Clay Claiborne)

110m- Howard Zinn, A Peoples History of the United States

Ronald Reagan's economic policies (The Balance)
The long arm of American law (ViEUws)
US public pensions Daily Poster
Wealth distribution The end of poverty Nobel prize winner Joseph Stilglitz on globalization and poverty
Wealth Distribution. Wealth Inequality in America. 7m
World Inequality Database

- Noam Chomsky, the Prosperous Few and the Restless Many
- Branko Milanovic. The haves and the have-nots. 2011

Eldis aims to share the best in development, policy, practice and research.
Sustainable Economics to End Global Poverty from 'Share the World's Resources'

Research papers from Oxfam International
Research papers from CAFOD (Catholic Aid Agency)
Observatoire des Inégalités (in French)
Poverty levels in the world Index Mundi