Alphabetical list of countries of the European Union 

Country EU accession  Schengen  Eurozone EEA Members CEFTA members
Austria  1995 Yes Yes     EU members North Macedonia
Belgium  1957 Yes Yes Iceland Albania
Bulgaria  2007 No No Liechtenstein Bosnia and Herzegovina
Croatia  2013 No No Norway Moldova
Cyprus  2004 No Yes Montenegro
Czech Republic  2004 Yes No Serbia
Denmark  1973 Yes No Kosovo
Estonia  2004 Yes Yes
Finland  1995 Yes Yes
France  1957 Yes Yes
Germany  1957 Yes Yes
Greece  1981 Yes Yes
Hungary  2004 Yes No
Ireland  1973 No Yes
Italy  1957 Yes Yes
Latvia  2004 Yes Yes
Lithuania  2004 Yes Yes
Luxembourg  1957 Yes Yes
Malta  2004 Yes Yes
Netherlands  1957 Yes Yes
Poland  2004 Yes No
Portugal  1986 Yes Yes
Romania  2007 No No
Slovakia  2004 Yes Yes
Slovenia  2004 Yes Yes
Spain  1986 Yes Yes
Sweden  1995 Yes No
United Kingdom  1973 No No