Introduction to Political Economy  2021
BMI 231

Economics and Politics are intertwined, and each is driven by economic and political theory as well as social and environmental changes. This course is designed to provide you with an introduction to some major concepts and theories to help you better understand the world we live in.     
Evaluation: Mid-semester report (50%). End of semester report (50%)
Programme. Student List. Mid-Semester Writing List. Research paper guidelines
Head of Programme: Loic Harriet. Teacher: Dr David Rees. Secretary: Florence Lauriau  

Lesson 1.
Date: 4 March. 09h30-12h30
Introduction to IPE
(International Political Economy)
Students present themselves.
Dr Rees presents himself and the course
Student research / discussion groups
Introduction to IPE. (p 1-3)

Charlie Chaplin. Modern Times. Factory scene
Fritz Lang. Metropolis. Ouverture

Opinions. Individual - then group discussions.

Lesson 2.
Date: 18 March. 08h30-11h30
Political ideology: Theory, Concept and History

Mid-semester research subjects
Left or Right? Explanation
Left or Right? People, countries and institutions
Introduction to IPE. (p4-5) Research.

CIA World Fact Book - updated  link
Lesson 3.
Date: 25 March 08h30-11h30
Government Policy:
Creating a budget

History of Economic Theory

Macro - budget and IR
Elasticity exercise

Macro Revision
Elasticity exercise answers
Lesson 4.
Date: 01 April 08h30-11h30
Crashes and Crises

From Tulipmania to the Subprimes Crisis
The 1929 Wall Street Crash
Lesson 5.
Date: 01 April 12h30-15h30
Preparation of first writing assignment

Writing assignments
Writing Assignment guidelines
Individual discussions to prepare the assignment
Lesson 6.
Date: 8 April 08h30-11h30
Growth and wealth distribution
Growth (with Green GDP and HDI)
200 years of history - wealth and health (BBC)

Wealth distribution exercise (Slide 2 only)

US Wealth Distribution. Politizane. 7m

Robert F. Kennedy speech on GDP (3m)

Gini Index

Money creation
Lesson 7.
Date: 15 April 08h30-11h30
Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy pdf DR

Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion
Unemployment Benefit
Corporation Tax
Alcohol Duty
Fuel duty (petrol, diesel etc.)
Income Tax
Tobacco Duty
Lesson 8.
Date: 05 May 08h30-11h30
John Maynard Keynes
The Versailles Treaty
The Bretton Woods Agreement
The Bancor and the ICU
Lesson 9.
Date: 10 May 08h30-11h30
The European Union and the Euro
Fixed or floating currencies?
Lesson 10.
Date: 20 May 08h30-11h30
Investment or Speculation?

Speed trading
The multiplier effect (ME)
The propensity to consume (PC) and to 'invest' (PI)
A French Universal Pension analysed using ME, PC and PI
Macroeconomic data and historical trends Introduction and individual research.
Currency value. Interest rate (10Y bonds). Inflation. Growth. Unemployment. Balance of Payments. Deficit. Debt.
Introduction and individual research
GDP. Green GDP. HDI. Gini.
Wealth and its Distribution