BMI 231 ESSCA Bordeaux. 2021
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Subject title Student
Automation in France before and after the Covid 19 crisis Alexandre Baumgartner
Is there a Solution to the Israeli Palestinian Conflict? Yassine Ouboukhlik
Electric Vehicles: a Boon for the Environment or a False Miracle Solution? Amoury Castelli
The Economics and Politics of Waste Management Chakib Taibi
The Sahara conflict between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Polisario Front Yahya Azzine
The Social and Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence Louis Rebours
The Economic Consequences of the French CFA in Africa. Arthur Vandeventer
The Economic Gap between the South and North of Italy Fabio Polito
The Economic Consequences of Covid 19 Julien Inquel
The Economics of War Louis Chauvière
The Environmental Impact of Gold Mining Jolan Quissolle
Poverty in India Côme Louvel