Problems and Proposed Solutions
Unemployment Cancel global trade agreements (TTIP, CETA, Japan...), reintroduce sectorial import tarrifs. See 'New Deal'. Harmonise EU minimum unemployment benefit based on percentage of average income. Stop cross-border employment competition (transport...)
European New Deal Create employment in critical sectors such as renewable energy. Harmonise minimum wages based on percentage of average wage.
Agriculture Remake the CAP to control prices and quantity; support local production - sales cycle, improve animal welfare standards, de-industrialise. Stop producing sugar. Increase EU storage mechanism to control supply and demand
Taxation Introduce a European Tobin Tax (+G20), stop tax avoidance and close tax havens. Increase progessive taxation.
Harmonise EU VAT
Banking Re-introduce EU equivalent of the Glass Steagall Act. Close speculation in foodstuffs (purchaser = consumer). Break-up biggest banks. Introduce FTT (TT) of 2% to slow speculation
Immigration Active resolution of international conflicts via EU task force; redistribute wealth to developing countries with anti-corruption contracts. Promote no / low trade barriers with poorer countries, stop producing EU sugar.
Quota-system with financial aid from FTT to take in immigrants
Politics Take corporate money out of politics (USA). Allow public services and critical industry to be public and avoid forced privatisation and competition
Health Public health (USA). Promote R&D in non-profitable medical research. Remove price barriers for poorer countries
Reinforce public health (including optical and dental) for all