BMI 231 ESSCA Bordeaux. 2021
First Report. Please select one of the following titles.
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Subject Number Subject title Student
1 Keynes and the Treaty of Versailles Sami El Fahmi El Quauquebi
2 The Bretton Woods Conference Alexandre Baumgartner
3 Charlie Chaplain and Politics Yassine Ouboukhlik
4 The Great Depression Amoury Castelli
5 The Rise of Fascism in Europe Chakib Taibi
6 A Universal Income? Yaha Azzine
7 Can Austerity Work? Louis Rebours
8 Cultural Hegemony: the Control of the Media
9 The Privatisation of Public Services in France Arthur Vandenter
10 Switching from GDP to HDI
11 Currency Speculation Fabio Polito
12 Keynes: the Propensity to Consume and Invest and the Multiplier Effect
13 The New Deal Louis Chauvière
14 Capitalism and the Environment Jolan Quissolle
15 Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis'. A Political Analysis
16 Globalisation: Winners and Losers Côme Louvel
17 The Popular Front and the Matignon Agreement