European Economics 2019
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Presentations and films
Lesson 1.
Thursday 6th June
Room 808

True / False questionnaire

Acronyms list
True / False answers
Lesson 2.
Friday 7th June
Room 808

How countries manage and mismanage their economies
Acronyms test
Lesson 1 revision
EU Budget. Money in, money out

Macro - budget and deficit
Macro exercise

Lesson 3.
Tuesday 11th June
Room 808

Grexit or not?
Greek 10-year bonds
Greek debt %GDP
Who bought the bonds?
IMF makes a profit of 2.5€ bn
Macro Revision
Failed austerity in Europe - the way out (2m)
The Greek Debt Crisis: Causes, Management and Possible Solutions
Greece for Sale
Germans to run Greek airports

Lesson 4.
Monday 17th June
Room 808

Wealth and Growth

Growth (with Green GDP and HDI)
Research sources
HDI statistics (United Nations Development Programme)
Multidimensional poverty index (Wikipedia)
Gini Index
Wealth distribution exercise and discussion
Robert F. Kennedy speech on GDP (3m)
USA wealth distribution (Politizane 6m)
The inequalities of wealth distribution: its economic and political consequences

Lesson 5.
Friday 21st June
Room 808

Joining or Leaving the EU Club

Copenhagen criteria
Supranational European bodies (picture)
Supranational European bodies (key)
(Quiz in teams) EU Member countries
The future size of the EU / EEA
 A history of empires (from 3000BC)
A brief history of EU enlargement (film from The Economist)
European Enlargement (film from the IIEA)

Brexit introduction
Brexit pdf (Rees)
The case for a second Brexit
Brexit and Ireland (7m)
Brexit and Scotland (2m)
Brexit and car sales (1m)
British exports to the EU (April 2016)
Brexit on hold (1m)
Lesson 6.
Friday 21st June
Room 808

Fiscal policy

Public social spending comparison pdf
World tax comparison
Tax bracket comparison (Wikipedia)
Unemployment benefit comparison pdf
US tax subsidies to industry pdf
Tax revenues OECD

Fiscal policy pdf DR
Monetary and fiscal policy 4m

Lesson 7.
Monday 24th June
Room 808

Fiscal policy presentations

Fiscal policy for ESSCALand (student presentations with evaluation) Income tax
Corporation tax
Wealth tax
Fuel duty
Tobacco duty
Alcohol duty
Tax avoidance and evasion

Lesson 8.
Monday 24th June.
Room 808 

Crashes and Crises

The 1929 Crash - YouTube (58m)

Economic crises and speculation (DR)
The 1929 Wall Street Crash (DR)
The NewDeal (DR)