European Economics 2021
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Presentations and films
Lesson 1.
Thursday 10 June

True / False answer sheet
True / False questionnaire

Acronyms list
True / False answers
Lesson 2.
Tuesday 15 June

How countries manage and mismanage their economies
Presentation / Question: Zhaoming
Lesson 1 revision

Fiscal presentations subjects
EU Budget. Money in, money out

Macro - budget and deficit
Macro exercise
Macro exercise answers

Lesson 3.
Saturday 19 June

Wealth and Growth
Presentation / Question: Violette

National macro data. Please prepare the data from your country before the lessons starts (at 9h30). See 'Links / data sources to find the information you need (sometimes difficult for HK / China)
Interest Rate (10Y Bonds)
Unemployment Rate
Growth Rate
Inflation Rate
National Deficit
National Debt
Tax burden

HDI statistics (United Nations Development Programme)
Multidimensional poverty index (Wikipedia)
Gini Index
Macro Revision
Wealth distribution exercise and discussion
Robert F. Kennedy speech on GDP (3m)
USA wealth distribution (Politizane 6m)
The inequalities of wealth distribution: its economic and political consequences

Growth (with Green GDP and HDI)
Lesson 4.
Monday 28 June

Constructing the EU
Presentation / Question: Nicolas

2. EU Members
5. Supranational European bodies (picture)
6. Supranational European bodies (key)
7. Quiz EU Member countries
The future size of the EU / EEA

How to control cows - my fan club :-)
1. A history of empires (from 3000BC)
3. How to Join the EU (EU in Turkey. 2m)
4. European Enlargement (film from the IIEA)

Question. Nationalism in Europe
Lesson 5.
Tuesday 29 June

Fiscal policy
Presentation / Question: Gilles

Fiscal policy for ESSCALand (student presentations with evaluation)
Public social spending comparison pdf
World tax comparison
Tax bracket comparison (Wikipedia)
Unemployment benefit comparison pdf
US tax subsidies to industry pdf
Tax revenues OECD
Fiscal policy pdf DR
Monetary and fiscal policy 4m
Lesson 6.
Monday 05 July

Joining the EU and the Future of Europe

The Copenhagen criteria
Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries
EU European Neighbourhood states

Epistemology (pdf DR)
Turkey and the EU (pdf DR)
Turkey and EU immigration
Introduction to the Armenian genocide (14m. Facing history and ourselves)
French genocide - book
French genocide - film (English subtitles available) 19m

Lesson 7.
Tuesday 6 July

The Brexit

Presentation / Question: Nathan

Orla Rose - Income Tax

France's veto of UK EEC entry
We Want our Money Back (Thatcher)
The UK rebate

Brexit update (humour)
Brexit timetable
Brexit pdf (Rees)
Brexit and the Irish border
Brexit fishing map
Scottish independence
Brexit and Airbus
Brexit and Airbus. Stats
Brexit and car sales
Brexit and UK - EU trade
UK non-EU trade
Post-Brexit trade
Pound sterling to US dollar
Pound sterling to Euro

Lesson 8.
Wednesday 7 July

Fiscal policy presentations
Presentation / Question: Vincent
Income tax. Orla Rose
Corporation tax. Chung Ying Mandy
VAT. Nicolas

Inheritance Tax Gilles
Financial Transfer Tax (Tobin Tax). Léonard
Fuel duty. Elodie
Tobacco duty. Nathan
Alcohol duty. Violette
Tax avoidance. Zhaoming
Tax Evasion. Alexandre
Local Taxes. James

Lesson 9.
Thursday 8 July

The Greek Crisis
Presentation / Question:: Elodie
Greek 10-year bonds
Greek debt %GDP
Who bought the bonds?
IMF makes a profit of 2.5€ bn
Wealth tax. Vincent
Greece for Sale
Germans to run Greek airports
The Greek Debt Crisis: Causes, Management and Possible Solutions
Lesson 10
Monday 12 July

EU Trade Agreements
Presentation / Question: James


Many Trade Agreements include an ISDS. This is strongly criticised by many NGOs.
1. What is ISDS?
2. ISDS in Australia / US Trade Agreement
3. ISDS Case Studies .
Choose one case study (or find another one) and do some research.

James: Bitcoin and crypto currencies
Maine et Loire. La Muse 
EU Trade Policy
 EU Commission. DG Trade
 EU Trade Statistics
 EU Trade Policy video (European Commission)
 EU Trade Agreements map
 EU Trade negotiations. Scroll down and find 'Agreements in Focus'. Choose one trade deal and take notes.
Scroll down and find 'Current State of Play'. Choose one country and open the document link.
Acces2Markets Import / Export help video

 Global Trade Agreements (TedTalks)
EU - MERCOSUR Trade Agreement
EU Mercosur trade agreement agreed by the EU Commission
EU Mercosur trade agreement and agriculture (EuroNews)
Lesson 11
Tuesday 13 July

Lobbying in the EU
Presentation / Question: Chung Ying Mandy
Lobbying Transparency Register (European Commission)
Fleishman Hillard
Hill and Knowlton

Direct and indirect lobbying: Danone

Biggest lobbyists in Brussels
Philip Morris in Brussels

Student case studies
Coca Cola
Billy wants a dog (flv) (US)
Lobbyists (flv) (US)
What does a lobbyist do? (flv) (Germany)
Lobbying presentation (pdf)

Regional fund recipients

CAP recipients
Lesson 12
Saturday 17 July

The Common Agriculture Policy
Presentation / Question: Alexandre
What ethics for Artificial Intelligence?
CAP pdf. (EU Commission)
Farm Subsidies (

Agricultural import duties
US food subsidies
1. Introduction to CAP (video)
2. CAP (pdf DR)
3. Farm Subsidies film (
4. MacDonalds and food industrialisation
5. Feedlots
6. EU-MERCOSUR agreement signed
7. EU-MERCOSUR trade agreement (Fern 25)
8. EU-Mercosur trade agreement and EU agriculture
9. MERCOSUR trade agreement and European Beef
10. The Meatrix (video)
11. Questions (in your presentation groups)
12. Acronyms
Lesson 13
Monday 19 July

Lobbying Presentations (10m)

Presentation / Question: Orla Rose
Lobbying Presentations

Brussels Airlines. Zhaoming
Shell. Nicolas
Bayer. Alexandre
BlackRock. Mandy
British American Tobacco. Orla Rose
European Chemical Industry Council. Gilles
Pfizer. Nathan
Airbus. Violette
Apple. Elodie
Sanofi. James
Total. Vincent

Question: Orla Rose
“Would you attempt to become a green/carbon neutral company, or would you keep operations and emissions the way they are if it were your company?”
Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire. Rebecca Henderson
Lesson 14
Tuesday 20 July

World Food Security
Presentation / Question: Léonard
Food speculation
Cereals trading charts (

Food prices 
Food riots Community Channel (video 5m)
Global Food Crisis All (video 4m)
World poverty
World Food Security to 2050 (DR)

FAO  2017 report on world food security (pdf  180 pages)
Lesson 15
Thursday 22 July

Crashes and Crises

The 1929 Crash - YouTube (58m) Flowers to avoid dying of the Great Plague
Versailles Orangery
Ring a ring of roses

Economic crises and speculation (DR)
The 1929 Wall Street Crash (DR)
The NewDeal (DR)
A few thoughts on a post-Covid19 European Union (DR)