Contemporary European Politics 2018.  INT 351
Teacher: David Rees
Head of Programme: Thomas Hoerber  Secretary: Meryem Delahaie  Syllabus
Evaluation: Final exam 60%, Mid-term exam 20%, Oral presentation 20%

Programme 2018


Presentations and films
Lesson 1.
Wednesday 05 September
Room 808

Epistemology, Empires and the EU
1. Epistemology
3. EU Members
6. Enlargement (European Commission)
7. Supranational European bodies (picture)
7. Supranational European bodies (key)
8. (Quiz in teams) EU Member countries
The future size of the EU / EEA
2. A history of empires (from 3000BC)
4. A brief history of EU enlargement (film from The Economist)
5. European Enlargement (film from the IIEA)

Lesson 2.
Wednesday 12 September
Room 808

Enlargement 1.
European levels of integration
Case studies: Turkey and Cyprus
The Copenhagen criteria
EU membership and partners
EU European Neighbourhood states

Turkey and the EU (pdf DR)
Turkey and EU immigration
Introduction to the Armenian genocide
French genocide
Lesson 3.
Wednesday 19 September
Room 808

EU structure and difficulties

Organisation of teams.
Preparation of presentations 'Solving Europe'

Euro Structural Inflexibility
Lesson 4.
Wednesday 26 September
Room 808

Solving Europe presentations

 Group presentations: 'Solving Europe' (20% of final evaluation)

   EU external trade
   The Euro
   Global warming and energy
   EU Defence

Lesson 5.
Wednesday 03 October
Room 808

Continue presentations: 'Solving Europe'.
Lesson 6.
Wednesday 17 October
Room 808

Common Agriculture Policy

Country research: Gini score (wealth distribution)
                               Poverty level
                               HDI (Human Development Index)
CAP (EU Commission)
Farm Subsidies (

Agricultural import duties
US food subsidies

Lobbying Transparency Register (European Commission)
Biggest lobbyists in Brussels
Farm Subsidies film (
CAP (pdf DR)
Introduction to CAP (video)
Food for the stomach - biofuels and food security (video)
MacDonalds and food industrialisation
Corn-fed beef and sustainability
Feedlot pollution
EU-Mercosur trade negotiations and beef (CGTN America)
The Meatrix (video)
Lesson 7.
Wednesday 24 October
Room 808

The Troika and Debt Control

Midterm revision
Greece, the Troika, debt control and the change from a solidarity to predatory model.

Greek debt crisis

Lesson 8.
Wednesday 31 October
Room 808

Lobbying in the EU 

Lobbying Transparency Register (European Commission)
Biggest lobbyists in Brussels
Philip Morris in Brussels
The EU lobbyists (52 page guide to lobbying in Brussels)
Billy wants a dog (flv) (US)
Lobbyists (flv) (US)
What does a lobbyist do? (flv) (Germany)
Lobbying presentation (pdf)
Stakeholder consultation tools (Commission)
President Juncker's 10 priorities (Commission)

Lesson 9
Wednesday 07 November

Brexit introduction
Brexit pdf (Rees)
The case for a second Brexit
Brexit and Ireland (7m)
Brexit and Scotland (2m)
Brexit and car sales (1m)
British exports to the EU (April 2016)
Brexit on hold (1m)
Lesson 10
Wednesday 14 November

EU budget

Midterm test results
EU Commission: Financial programming and budget
EU expenditure and revenue (research data)
Who pays what? (BBC)
Where the money goes

EU video - budget
EU budget (pdf DR)
EU budget update (2017)
EU Budget facts and myths
Tobin Tax and FTT (4m)
European Financial Transfer Tax (FTT) (DukasCopy 2.5m)
Group discussion - reorganise the EU budget
Lesson 11
Wednesday 21 November

The Single Market
Intra-EU competition - pre/post Euro competition and Economic Darwinism.
wages, social costs, environmental costs, government investment, subsidies and tax breaks
Privatisation of public services
Privatising French SNCF?
Posting workers
EU minimum salaries (picture)
Digital Single Market

Brexit update
Brexit and fisheries

Single Market is 20 years old  (2012)
Ryanair in Marseilles conflict (IBT)
The Single Market (pdf DR based on the two films)
Lesson 12.
Wednesday 28 November
Room 808

World Food Security
Cereals trading charts (
Food prices (
Food riots Community Channel (video 5m)
Global Food Crisis All (video 4m)
World Food Security to 2050 (DR)
Lesson 13.
Wednesday 05 December
Room 808

EU External Trade Agreements / Negotiations
EU Trade Policy pdf

EU Trade negotiations (DG Trade)
In groups, each choose a different EU Trade Negotiation and prepare for discussion.

What is ISDS?
ISDS in Australia / US Trade Agreement
Criticism of NAFTA

Brexit update (humour)

Exports and Imports. Research
Choose product. Find code. Find import and export tarifs for one country. Find import  and volume.
Share information with others in the group.

Lesson 14.
Wednesday 12 December
Room 808

The end of the Euro?
The end of the European Union?
European Court of Justice says that the UK can withdraw its Brexit demand
Theresa May cancels British parliament vote on the Brexit
Brexit Backstop explained
Euro Structural Inflexibility (pdf DR)
EU problems. Yanis Varoufakis. DiEM25
Class discussion - can the Eyuro and can the EU survive?
Evaluation Midterm exam 1h (20%)
Presentation (20%)
Final exam 2h (60%)
Exam revision