An auto-evaluation system for marking group presentations

Marking group presentations is always difficult, since obviosly some group members work more than others. Here, therefore, is a possibility for groups to auto-evaluate themselves a part of the internal marks. Each group should discuss what their decision is, and send me their marks. This method is new and experimental. It will be interesting to see what the result is, and how groups use this possibility. It might be considered fair / unfair / stupid / brilliant - you decide. If it is considered 'positive' by the groups, then I will apply it to other classes next semester.

1. Each group receives a mark for their presentation. This is the Group Mark.

2. Each group can then add three additional points in whatever way they like. These can be 1 additional point for three members, 3 points for one member, or 2 points plus 1 point. It makes no difference how large the group is (too complicated). The group can also decide to not to give any additional points since it might be felt too difficult to separate those who worked more than others. It is not possible to have a half point for all members.

3. Each group can then add a 'bonus-malus' system. For each bonus point, the group has to provide a malus point. If the group gives two 'bonus' points, they also have to agree on two 'malus' points. There is no limit to the number of points given / removed. This requires the group members to acknowledge who has worked harder or less hard for the presentation. Be realistic! The group can obviously decide to have no bonus/malus points.

4. Therefore, let's imagine a group of 5 students, A, B, C, D and E. The Group Mark is 16.
The group decides to award A with two additional points and B with one additional point.
A now has 18 points, B has 17 points and C, D and E have 16 points.

The group then decides that since D and E did very little work, and that A and B did nearly all the work, that they give A and B a bonus point, and D and E a malus point.

A now has 19 points, B has 18 points, C has 16 points and D and E have 15 points each.

A similar system has been proposed for salary bonuses by Yanis Varoufakis in 'Another Now' - a utopian future.

Good luck with your discussions!

David Rees. October 2022