European Economics  2017
INT 356

The course focuses on different parts of European economics. It also features a module on Lobbying in the EU. Through these aspects of European economics the students will gain an understanding of the workings of the Common Internal Market, its impact on the Member States and its positioning in our globalized world. Importantly, it will show the link between economics and politics, i.e. beyond the normal expertise of a business student in management, marketing or finances. It is also important to understand the political environment in which all of this takes place in order to be able to utilise business opportunities fully.    
Evaluation: Exam 50%. Fiscal Policy
Presentation 25%.  Lobbying Presentation 25%.

Programme 2017


Presentations and films
Lesson 1.
Tuesday 17 January

True / False questionnaire
Acronyms list

True / False answers
Lesson 2.
Tuesday  24 January

Macroeconomic Principles
Exchange rates exercise

Macro - budget and IR

Lesson 3.
Tuesday  31 January

The debt crisis in Greece
Greek 10-year bonds
Greek debt %GDP
Who bought the bonds?
League table of Greek debt
Greek reform list
Where did the money go?

Greece - a country born of neo-liberal madness
Macro Revision
The Greek Debt Crisis: Causes, Management and possible solutions (pdf DR)
Failed austerity in Europe - the way out (2m)
Lesson 4.
Tuesday  07 February

Wealth distribution, growth and poverty Part I
Intra-group research
Research sources
HDI statistics (United Nations Development Programme)

Multidimensional poverty index (Wikipedia)
Gini Index
Eldis aims to share the best in development, policy, practice and research.
Follow-up links
The end of poverty Nobel prize winner Joseph Stilglitz on globalization and poverty
Interview on wealth distribution with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Thomas Piketty (48m)
Research papers from Oxfam International
Observatoire des Inégalités (in French)
- Noam Chomsky, the Prosperous Few and the Restless Many
- Branko Milanovic. The haves and the have-nots. 2011
Sustainable Economics to End Global Poverty from 'Share the World's Resources'
Poverty levels in the world Index Mundi
Complete Greek debt crisis - solutions
Growth (with Green GDP and HDI)

Globalization. The Haves and the Have Nots
200 years of history - wealth and health (BBC)

Lesson 5.
Tuesday  21 February
EMU and the Euro
Origins of monetary systems
Bretton Woods

Euro Convergence Criteria
Maastricht Criteria
New Stability Pact
Was the Euro a bad idea?
(Seeker Daily 3.5m)
From Bretton Woods to the Euro (pdf DR)
History of the Euro (15m film European Commission)
Lesson 6.
Tuesday 28 February

EU Trade
EU minimum wages

TTIP explained (video)
What is TTIP (video)
Anti-TTIP (video)
The importance of TTIP
10 TTIP myths (European Commission)

Pro-TTP (video)
TTP criticism - Robert Reich



China market economy status protest
China market status ViEUws
The Single Market (3m40)
The Single Market pdf DR

European Trade Policy
How the EU negotiates Trade Deals (EC 6m)

Trade negotiations step by step (EC)
EU Trade Negotiations (DG Trade)

EU Trade agreements with different countries (DG Trade)

Opposition the WTO
Trade investigations (DG Trade)

Detailed EU Trade
Lesson 7.
Tuesday  14 March

Fiscal Policy Part I
Tax revenues OECD (tax revenue as % of GDP / per capita)
Social expenditure OECD (total expenditure as % GDP and unemployment % GDP)
Public social spending comparison pdf
World tax comparison
Tax bracket comparison (Wikipedia)
Taxodus.Online game to avoid paying taxes

Fiscal policy pdf DR 

Research / presentation groups for ESSCALAND:
Income tax
Corporation tax
Petrol / Diesel duty
Tobacco duty
Alcohol duty
Unemployment benefit
Wealth Tax
Tax avoidance / evasion
Financial Transfer Tax

Lesson 8.
Tuesday 21 March

Fiscal Policy Part II

Fiscal Policy Presentations
Income tax
Corporation tax
Petrol / Diesel duty
Tobacco duty
Alcohol duty
Unemployment benefit
Wealth Tax
Tax avoidance / evasion

Financial Transfer Tax
Maternity and Paternity benefit

Lesson 9.
Wednesday 29 March.

Economies of Scale
Airbus and Galileo

China's C919 (BBC 5m)
China's aviation problems (Wall Street Journal)
Big (Hub/spoke model) or Small (Point to Point)? Wendover productions 10m.

Top 5 satellite navigation systems (SLV 3.5m)

Airbus pdf (DR)
Construction of Airbus A340
Transport - A380
Airbus video gallery
Airbus Beluga (8m)
WTO History of US / EU battle of Boeing vs Airbus
Boeing and Airbus claim victory (Daily Telegraph)

Satellite navigation systems
Galileo and EGNOS (Video from Space)
Introducing EGNOS (film)
Galileo Factsheet (pdf))
Lesson 10.
Tuesday  04 April

Financial Crises and Crashes
Gordon Gekko - Greed is Good
Gordon Gekko - "Greed is Not Good"
FDR and the New Deal  - BBC (24m)

High Speed Trading
Economic crises and speculation (DR)
The 1929 Wall Street Crash (DR)
The New Deal (DR)

Lesson 11
 Thursday 26 April
Lobbying Part I
Lobbying Transparency Register (European Commission)
Consulting companies in Brussels
Lobbyfacts (data on EU lobbying)

Billy wants a dog (flv) (US)
Lobbyists (flv) (US)
What does a lobbyist do? (flv) (Germany)
Corporate lobbying (flv)
The realities of lobbying (15m Maria Laptev)
Lobbying presentation (pdf)
Lesson 12
 Friday 27 April
Lobbying Part II
Research and preparation of lobbying presentations
Lesson 13
 Friday 27 April
Lobbying Part III
Student presentations
French abattoir industry
French government
German abattoir industry
German government
BEUC consumers group
Animal rights group
Consultancy agency A
Consultancy agency B
European Commission
European Parliament
Lesson 14