European Economics. ESSCA

Lesson N° 6. 21st February. Economies of Scale. Airbus and Galileo


Since this week UCO (all but 4 students) are on holiday, this lesson is available on my website ( for you to follow in your own time.

I apologise in advance for the mediocre video and sound quality. The film was made during the confinement, so some of the comments are outdated.

Here are the guidelines

1. Open the website ( Economics/lesson 6 Economies of Scale, Airbus)
Watch the video 'Construction of Airbus A340'
Split your screen in two, with the lesson page in one half, and the introductory video in the other half.
Watch the introductory video
5. Open the pdf presentation 'AirBus' 
6. Watch the video presenting the pdf on 'Airbus' and follow the slides on your computer at the same time
7. Watch the video 'Airbus Beluga'
8. Open the Airbus worksheet and follow the instructions

8. If you are interested, then there are some videos and links about the Chinese aviation industry, and about Galileo, the European satellite navigation system.

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