European Economics INT 356. ESSCA

Lesson N° 10. Crises and Crashes


Due to the current health crisis, this lesson will be available on my website only ( It will not be available on TEAMS since I don't have a microphone that fits my computer! Lesson N° 9 on the economies of scale will be available later, along with all the other lessons.

Since the Covid19 health crisis is the start of another probable economic crisis, I have included the aspect of health and economic crises into the lesson.
I apologise in advance for the mediocre video and sound quality.
Please note - for the fiscal policy presentations, I am still missing the 'unemployment benefit' team's presentation. The marks for all groups will be given once I have received this missing presentation. Please remember to only use the two e-mail addresses given on my website (under 'Contact'). Do not use the ESSCA address.

Here are the guidelines

1. Open the website ( Economics/lesson 10 Crises and Crashes)
2. Watch the introductory video
3. Watch the video 'Tulipmania'
4. Open the PowerPoint 'Economic Crises and Speculation'
5. Watch the video presenting the PowerPoint on 'Economic Crises and Speculation' and follow the slides on your computer at the same time
6. Open the PowerPoint 'The 1929 Wall Street Crash'
Watch the video presenting the PowerPoint on 'The 1929 Wall Street Crash' and follow the slides on your computer at the same time
8. If you are interested, then there are some video and presentation links on the left of the lesson page (Gordon Gecko, High-speed trading etc.). These links include slides and a video about the New Deal on how Roosvelt dealt with the Dreat Depression in the US following the Wall Street Crash.

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