Great Economic Thinkers

Int 350   2020

My particular input into this course will deal with the lives and ideas of Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes and how their revolutionary thinking can be applied to some of today's problems (2008 subprimes crash, structural weaknesses of the Euro, debt-control within the European Union, a change from a solidarity to predatory EU model). By understanding history and theory, you will be able to better appreciate current economic and political discussions with Europe and IPE (International Political Economy). The course will require some reading preparation of texts. The course content shown below may change at any time!

Student list
Contact: Teachers: Alain AnquetilDavid Rees, Gabriel Weber, Marybel Perez. Secretary: Clémence Treuillier
Syllabus. Evaluation:  Oral presentation 40%. Short essay 20%. Research paper 40%. Presentations list  Presentation subjects and links

Lesson 1
22 September
Room J808
Karl Marx 1/2

Charlie Chaplin. Modern Times. Factory scene
Fritz Lang. Metropolis. Ouverture

The Life of Karl Marx (BBC). 59m
How capitalism is killing itself. 35m. The Empire Files (Dr Richard Wolff)

Theory, concept and history (David Rees)
Marx and Globalisation (David Rees)
Manifesto of the Communist Party
Karl Marx et Frederic Engels, 1848

Presentation 1: Pierre Lagarde: The Life of Karl Marx.

Presentation 2: Paul Lassalle: Marx and Conflict.

Lesson 2
30 September
Room C039

David Rees
Karl Marx 2/2
Political Theory. Karl Marx. 9m. The School of Life.
Marx - introduction. 5m. The curious classroom
25 October 1917. The Russian Revolution (Epic History) (14m)
Globalisation and wealth distribution (David Rees)
Crises of capitalism (David Harvey) (11m)
Marx - introduction. 5m. The curious classroom

Manufacturing Consent (Noam Chomsky) (2h46m)
Everything is a Rich Man's Trick (Top Documentary Films. 3h28m)

Presentation 3: Brieuc Le Ralec: Marx's view of Capitalism

Presentation 4: Gabriel Lejeau: Cultural Hegemony. The Power of the Media

British Empire and the Industrial Revolution (7m)
British Industrial Revolution (7m)

Marx Summary
Lesson 3
09 October
Room J808
John Maynard Keynes 1/1

Masters of Money - John Maynard Keynes (BBC 60m)

Rees. A Keynesian New World Order for the 21st Century
Keynesian New World Order. References
Available in 'Economic Theory and Globalization'

Presentation 5: Ivana Kelly Tchegoue: The Life of John Maynard Keynes

Treaty of Versailles (video 3m)
Economic Consequences of the Peace (book)
Bretton Woods (90s)
Keynes and The New Deal (10m)
Keynesian Economics (5m)

Keynes on the Bancor and ICU pdf DR
Lesson 4
14 October
Room C039

Keynes 2/2

Opinions - discussion

Economic Theory - concluding remarks.

Some personal ideas

Presentation 7: Constance Lavolé. The Bretton Woods Conference

Presentation 8: Clément Lioust Dit Lafleur: Keynes and the Versailles Treaty

Presentation 9: Audrey Jordane Telewele Nzofou: Keynesian Macroeconomics

Recommended additional reading

Globalisation and IPE
Globaloney 2.0 Michael Veseth
Overthrow: Amercica's century of regime change from Hawai to Iraq. Stephen Kinzer
A brief history of neoliberalism. David Harvey
Pickety, Krugman and Stiglitz. The genius of Economics. (75m) (92Y Plus)

John Maynard Keynes Books
Keynes - the return of the master. Robert Skidelsky
The Economic Consequences of the Peace. John Maynard Keynes
The Battle of Bretton Woods. Benn Steil
The Keynes Solution. The Path to Economic Prosperity. Paul Davidson
The Summit. Bretton Woods 1944. J.M. Keynes and the Reshaping of the Global Economy. Ed Conway.

Keynes - The Intellectual Pragmatist David Rees
Keynes - the Intellectual Pragmatist. References. David Rees
Reforming the World's International Money. Paul Davidson

Keynes on National Self Sufficiency. Yale Review
Keynes on Protectionism. Douglas Irwin
The Keynesian Revolution. Success or Failure? from Return of the Master. Robert Skidelsky.
Unfinished notes on Keynes and neo-liberalism. David Rees
We Can Conquer Unemployment. Lloyd George.

The Bretton Woods Conference ESSCA student Sophie Chisholm
Keynes - an Introduction David Rees

Hayek vs Keynes. 12m.
Hayek - Keynes rap. 8m
Hayek - Keynes rap - text.
Masters of Money - John Maynard Keynes (BBC 60m)
Karl Marx  Books
Marx's Ghost. Midnight conversations on changing the world. Charles Derber
Zombie Capitalism - global crisis and the relevance of Marx. Chris Harman
Communism in the 21st Century (download) Shannon Brincat (Ed)
Marx and the alternative to Capitalism. Kieran Allen

Internet magazine and Paper Magazine (in French)
Révolution. Tendance Marxiste Internationale

The Communist Manifesto. Engels and Marx
Communist Profession of Faith. Engels and Marx
A Socialist Alternative to the European Union. Alan Woods
Condition of the Working Class in England. Friedrich Engels.
The Theory of Alienation. Paul Prew
Historical Structuralist Perspective. Global Political Economty Ch. 5. Theodore Kohn.
The Labour Theory of Value. Donald Ernsberger
NeoCapitalism. An Introduction to Marxist Theory Ch. 3. Ernest Mendel
The Inexorable System of Karl Marx. The Wordly Philosophers. Robert Heilbroner
Marx, Lenin and the Structuralist Perspective
Theoretical perspectives - the case of hunger. David Rees

Marx's Ghost (notes from the book). David Rees
Communismin Latin America. ESSCA student presentation.

Crises and Capitalist Development. Bonn Juego
Cultural hegemony - media and mind control ESSCA student Cristiana Drumond.
The Death of Neoliberalism. ESSCA student presentation.
Working Conditions in the UK during the Industrial Revolution. ESSCA student presentation
Marx and Technology. ESSCA student Amy Peat.
Marx and Military Control ESSCA student presentation.
Economic Theory - concluding remarks. David Rees
The Overthrowing of Salvadore Allende. ESSCA student Patricia Carrillo

Life of Karl Marx (Daily Motion) (1h)
Crises of Capitalism. David Harvey
British Empire and the Industrial Revolution (7m)
British Industrial Revolution
Allende's final speech

  Paul Prew.