Deakin University
Course programme. Teacher: David Rees. Secretary: Sophie Pinton
Research groups

Programme 2022

Presentations and films
Lesson 1.
Monday 31 September 9h-12h
Introduction to the EU from an IPE perspective
Room 808

True / False questionnaire
Acronyms list
True / False answers
Lesson 2.
Monday 31 September 13h-15h
Wealth, GDP, HDI and the Gini coefficient
Room 808

HDI statistics (United Nations Development Programme)
Gini Index

Growth (with Green GDP and HDI)
USA wealth distribution (Politizane 6m)
200 years of history - wealth and health (BBC)
The inequalities of wealth distribution: its economic and political consequences

Lesson 3.
Wednesday 2 October 9h-12h
Macroeconomic policy and currency effects on trade risk
Room 808

EU Budget. Money in, money out

Macro - budget and deficit
Macro exercise

Economic crises and speculation (DR)
Lesson 4.
Wednesday 2 October 13h-14h30
Crashes and Crises
Room 808

The 1929 Wall Street Crash (DR)
The NewDeal (DR)

Wednesday 2 October 14h30- 19h
Visit to Cointreau
Visit to Cointreau
Lesson 5.
Thursday 3 October 9h-12h
Fiscal Policy
Room 807

Public social spending comparison pdf
World tax comparison
Unemployment benefit comparison pdf
US tax subsidies to industry pdf
Tax revenues OECD

Fiscal policy pdf DR
Monetary and fiscal policy 4m

Lesson 6.
Thursday 3 October 13h-15h
Room 807

Group research and preparation of Fiscal Policy presentations
Send presentation to Dr Rees by 22h00

Lesson 7.
Friday 4 October 9h-12h
Fiscal Policy Presentations
Room 807
Student group presentations
Collect ESSCA passes
Income Tax
Corporation Tax

Value-Added Tax
Fuel duty
Tobacco duty
Alcohol duty