International Issues and Challenges  2020
BMI 515

During our short lives, we might sense a feeling of permanence and stability. When we look back in history we will see that empires come and go, economic systems rise and fall, and that economically, socially, politically, environmentally and militarily, we are in a highly complex and volatile world. This course will give you the opportunity to examine some of these issues and challenges in a changing and sometimes dangerous world.
The pedagogy and evaluation for this course might vary from the course description, depending upon teaching circumstances at the beginning of the academic year.
Evaluation: Mini presentation of a particular subject in threes (25%) and an individual research paper (75%)
to be sent to me by Monday 16 November  18h. (Not to my ESSCA address)
Research Proposals
Secretary: Aurélie Gigout


Presentations and films
Lesson 1.
Wednesday 30 September

 Identifying global issues
 Evaluation criteria
 Sub groups on Teams: (30m)
A. Environmental
B. Economic
C. Political
D. Social
 Feedback from the 4 Teams
 Visit Links (below) (60m)
 2nd Feedback from the 4 Teams
 Research project  pairs
A history of empires (from 3000BC)

Lesson 2.
Wednesday 07 October

Presentation David Rees Global Risk
Presentation Research in teams:
Lyon: Two groups of 3 and 2 groups of 4
Paris Pair: Six groups of 3
Paris Impair: Five groups of 3, one group of 4 and one group of 2 (Chinese students)
A post-COVID EU (DR. pdf)
The Wall Street Crash (DR. pdf)
Lesson 3.
Wednesday  14 October

Presentation David Rees
Presentation Research in Teams
Overthrow. Stephen Kinzer
The Confessions of an Economic Hitman John Perkins
The Secret History of the American Empire
European Debt as an example of Debt Control
Greek Debt
European Debt crisis - suggested solutions
The New Deal 
Lesson 4.
Wednesday 18 November

17 student presentations. Student presentation groups
Presentations to be sent to me by e-mail by Monday 16 November 17h00
Oceans without Fish. Aymeric, Sacha and Adèle
Hunger and Famine. Abiba and Victoria
American Hegemony. Thierry, Marc and Valentin
Big Brother in China. Clara, Clémence and Nathanaël
Artificial Intelligence. Junhan and Shuyao
Cloud Seeding and Water Rights. Océane, Stanislas and Chloé
Amazon Fires. Emma, Romane, Romain and Romain
Israeli-Palestine Conflict. Meriem, Ines and Mathieu
Dying Oceans. Jade, Lou and Margot
NATU, the New GAFA. Reynald, Gaspar and Julien
Gender Equality. Axelle, Victoire  and Hannah
The Black Death. Jack, Frédérique, Victor and Tom
Big Brother. Jade, Salomé and Mathilde
Industrial Farming. Amandine, Emma and Camille
Disintegration of the EU. Cédric, Victor and Arnaud
Crypto Currency. Nadira, Shanna and Inès
Hong Kong. Hayat, Eva and Aurélia
The Wall Street Crash. Louise, Félix, Albert and Victor
Access to medicine in Africa. Ayoub

Lesson 5.
Wednesday  25 November

Summary of evaluation procedures

Covid-19 and French Debt. David Rees
Useful Links Red Cross and Red Crescent World Disasters Report
The New Humanitarian (Conflicts, disasters and migration)
ALNAP (network of NGOs, agencies, consultants etc.)
ELHRA (global charity to resolve complex humanitarian problems)
United Nations. Global Issues
Global Risks (
Allianz Risk Barometer (Allianz)